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Spirit-led Creative
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    Transform your life with Christina Kimball, a dedicated health and life coach. Embrace healthier habits, infuse your work with divine purpose, and step into the vibrant life God has intended for you. Start your transformational journey today, and thrive with renewed health, purpose, and spiritual fulfillment.
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Meet Entrepreneur, Grace
A Story of Transformation Through  Health + Life Coaching

Grace was a dedicated consultant, helping businesses grow and thrive. She was committed to her work, but deep down, she felt a nagging discontent. Her busy lifestyle left little room for healthy habits, and her relationship with God, although strong, seemed disconnected from her professional life. Grace yearned for a way to live healthily, to intertwine her faith with her career, and to live out the divine purpose she felt God had intended for her. That's when she found Christina Kimball (AKA Coach Christina K), her health and life coach, a transformation catalyst.

Christina became Grace's loving support in her journey back to health. Together, they curated a lifestyle that promoted Grace's wellness. They replaced fast food with nourishing meals, energy drinks with water, restless nights with serene sleep, and static workdays with invigorating movement and purpose. Christina guided Grace not merely towards a healthy lifestyle but towards a mindset that championed long-term well-being.

As Grace's energy and vitality rebounded, Christina also guided her along the intertwined paths of her spiritual and professional life. Christina helped Grace see that her work as a consultant was more than a job - it was worship, and a platform from which she could glorify God and release heaven in the marketplace. Together, they carved a strategy to align Grace's career with her divine purpose, transforming her consulting business into a conduit for service, inspiration, and Kingdom impact.

In the process, Grace's perspective shifted. Her life was no longer a sequence of unconnected events but a journey filled with divine possibilities. She discovered how to thrive in her life - leading a successful business, enjoying robust health, and living in congruency with her faith, values, and purpose.

Today, Grace's life is transformed. She's healthier, her consulting work is thriving, and her faith has become a central part of her professional life. Grace's story could be your story.

Christina can be your coach and support to a healthier, more fulfilling life where you don't just live, but thrive, fully aligned with your divine purpose. Reach out to Christina and start your journey towards transformation today. And live a life that was magnificently created in God's heart before the foundations of the world were put in place.